Outdoor Wedding of Ewelina & Maciej at Pałac Zdunowo

Ewelina and Maciej is the type of our perfect couple. Absolutely natural, positive, with a great sense of taste and very spontaneous with huge hearts so that there would be no lack of warmth and love for the whole world. When we met in the morning before the prepand saw them smiling and excited, we knew it would be a really good day! We think that absolutely nothing would be able to take this joy away from them (including the breakdown of weather and the storm that surprised us twice that day!).

Wedding at Zdunowo

A wedding at Pałac Zdunowo is an ideal proposition for couples who dream of an elegant party surrounded by nature. The palace from the beginning of the 20th century is located in the middle of a beautiful, historic park full of greenery and tall, ancient trees. The building itself hides spaces with a soul and wonderful light (and light is something that we analyze wherever we appear!). A wedding at the Zdunowo Palace is also an opportunity to organize a party in a tent set up in the garden, which is a great solution for summer parties!

Outdoor ceremony in the garden

Ewelina and Maciek dreamed of an elegant, but at the same time loose ceremony full of freedom and we believe that they could not have planned it better than organizing it in the open air of the Zdunowo Palace. Sometimes we talk about weddings from Pinterest and there it is definitely possible for your celebration to look extremely photogenic. The place between two historic oaks is an extraordinary backdrop for the wedding ceremony. An outdoor civil wedding also gives you the freedom to arrange the entire event – Ewelina and Maciek enriched it with a violin and Prosecco distributed to guests just before the ceremony. Remember that you can also add your own vows to your civil wedding (yes, yes! It is possible not only during a humanist wedding, but also a civil and church wedding!).

Concert fun with Terytoria Cover Band

We are convinced that we will never forget the party of Ewelina and Maciek – it was a real firecracker !!! The wedding at Pałac Zdunowo came to life thanks to the amazing Terytoria Cover Band! We believe that it is extremely difficult to find the perfect band, but we all agreed that this is our discovery of the 2020 season and that we would, without a doubt, decide to organize our own wedding with them. Incredible energy, strong vocals, great sound of instruments, sound system and very professional lighting, thanks to which we as filmmakers and Paulina as a photographer felt like in heaven! The guests were delighted and at one point the fun turned into a real concert – everyone turned to the band, recording videos for Instagram singing out loud “Sex on Fire” or “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll“. Come on, pure madness!

Outdoor shooting at sunrise

The culmination of our adventure with Ewelina and Maciej was the outdoor session, which we managed to arrange at the beginning of November. We are very happy every time you want to decide on an extra day of shooting and creating magic, otherwise we can’t tell what happened that morning. Yes, yes, we decided to take shots at sunrise near the Jizera Mountains – we got up at 4 am and it was also the first time this year when we had to scrape the windows of the car leaving our agritourism! This is a great chapeau bass for Ewelina, who, despite the frosty weather, decided to jump back into her light, wonderful dress from Agata Wojtkiewicz. Look at the first seconds of the movie and tell us, wasn’t it worth it ?! Shooting at sunrise is the only chance to catch such a magical light, fog over the lake and an unforgettable atmosphere.

LokalizacjaPałac Zdunowo,
FotografiaPaulina Pietraszkiewicz
DJ/ZespółTerytoria Cover Band
FlorystykaStudio Florystyki Amelia
Make-upKamila Sałajczyk
SukniaAgata Wojtkiewicz
BiżuteriaNovia Blanca
GarniturZack Roman
Buty MłodejEva Minge