What does your offer look like? Can it be modified?

In our offer, you’ll find a proposal that we’ve developed based on our past experiences. However, we’re open to your suggestions and ideas. We provide individual quotes for each commission based on the information you provide, which is why it’s so important for us to learn all the essential details. Please contact us through the form on our website so we can get to know each other better, send you our brochure, and see if we’re the best choice for you.

What is your style of work?

Above all, we strive to create natural and intimate shots, so as to authentically capture your story, the atmosphere of the day, emotions, laughter, tears, and gestures towards loved ones. Sometimes we ask couples for a little cooperation with the camera, for example during preparations or outdoor shots, giving a few tips along the way that help us capture natural poses and interactions. However, for the vast majority of the time, we want to remain observers of the event. Each of our interventions is thoughtful and aimed at creating a film that allows you to relive the true emotions of the day time and again. We always work in pairs, which allows us to create diverse shots from many perspectives and ensures that we capture all the most important moments.

We notice that there are spoken elements in your films; is this necessary?

We’re glad you noticed this – the words spoken on that day, whether in the form of personal vows, letters, confessions, or speeches from your loved ones, are particularly important to us in creating a personalized film. What makes the film truly unique is you and your story – your connection, emotions, how you met, and what you’ve experienced together. Unlike the venue, dress, or first dance song, it’s the one, unique element for each couple that sets you apart. We believe that incorporating original sound into the film takes it to a higher level, providing an unforgettable experience and making it something you’ll grow to appreciate more with each passing year.

Can we choose the music for our film?

Music is one of the most crucial elements in a film, which, when chosen correctly, builds emotion and unifies the story. We approach the selection of songs very carefully and with great passion, treating the film as a holistic audiovisual work. Therefore, it is important for us to have the couples’ trust in the choice of songs. The music in our films is associated with the entire process of building a soundtrack using licensed tracks and instrumentals, which we acquire from special websites. It is crucial for us that it perfectly matches the events and emotions pouring out from the screen, so we must choose it ourselves as the individuals who are creating the vision for your film. We always try to get to know your musical tastes beforehand, and if you have special requests or are musicians, we would love to discuss possible options.

Do you travel and make films abroad?

Of course! We film across Europe and worldwide, which means we’re open to all sorts of interesting and spontaneous ideas related to your wedding or photoshoot. As we value mobility and cannot imagine setting off on any journey without a camera, we have selected our equipment to be minimalist and easy to transport.

Do you have a drone?

We always have a drone with us, and we do not charge extra for its use. Unfortunately, we can never be certain if we will be able to capture shots with it, as everything depends on the location, weather, and time constraints. However, we always undertake to use it when the right conditions are met, and we know that such shots will positively contribute to your story.

Do you also do photography?

We love photography, but filmmaking is where we feel our best and have decided to dedicate ourselves fully 🙂 However, in our offer, you will find a photography proposal we’ve created in collaboration with a trusted and supremely talented photographer. If you’re looking for something different, we’d also be happy to recommend other photographers we enjoy working with and who create beautiful photos with an aesthetic similar to ours.

What does booking a date look like?

Once you’ve confirmed that we’re the best choice for you, we’ll sign a contract and provide you with the necessary details to finalize it. The booking is confirmed upon payment of a 25% deposit. Until then, we do not refuse other couples the opportunity to receive an offer.