Amore Per Sempre - italian wedding story of Ola & Pablo

This is a story about first wedding of the year. Extremely spontaneous, authentic and full of Italian vibes (just like our whole adventure). Ola and Pablo showed how beautiful, emotional and joyful a wedding in pandemic time can be. Two weeks after their natural ceremony we hit the road together and went to their favorite city of Venice – place of love, wine, cicadas, silent streets and magical light.

In the Time of Pandemic

Organizing a wedding in 2020 was a real challenge. At every step, there were many uncertainties regarding the restrictions related to the pandemic. We were in constant contact with Ola and Pablo, whose wedding was originally supposed to take place in June. When we were already at the stage of rescheduling for the next year a week before the date chosen earlier, it turned out that it would be possible to organize parties. Ola and Pablo were so determined that they put everything on one card and only postponed their wedding a month later. And guess what? It was the best decision they could have made! With the right people by your side and the right attitude, getting married in the midst of a pandemic can be as beautiful as it is in times of utter normalcy.

Slow Wedding – Less is more

The idea of ​​slow wedding is not something new at polish weddings, but in 2020 it has become even closer to all those who organize their weddings. The unpredictability of this season, in a way, forced us to be spontaneous and accept the fact that not everything always goes our way. We keep telling our couples to remember that this day is all about celebrating their love and we saw very clearly the joy that they could just get married they were waiting for, and minor mishaps or clouds announcing rain did not matter too much. For many of them it was also a chance to fulfill their dream of a small party with their loved ones and those who truly care about being present on this special day. Ola and Pablo are souls so genuine by nature that it was pretty obvious to us from the very beginning that they would organize everything according to their inner desires. They prepared together in the extremely atmospheric interiors of the “Prosze Tu” Apartment in the heart of Lublin (Ola put on a beautiful dress, which she ordered at ASOS before the engagement!),  they had five cakes instead of one (symbolically cut to the rhythm of their beloved electronics) and their first dance to the favorite song of Sorry Boys was the most spontaneous, and at the same time, the most joyful we have ever seen.

Italian style wedding

They got engaged in Italy, they plan to live there in the future and they met at a party at which Pablo introduced himself as an Italian and Ola’s cake for their future wedding. The vibe of Italy was present on this day at every step, from details such as bottles filled with wine or a love neon sign Amore Per Sempre (even the old houses of Lublin in the colors of the earth seemed to remind you of it), to carefree fun to the rhythm of Italian hits played by DJs and a real joy of simple things (la bella vita!). It all happened under the roof of a beautiful Glass Barn, the atmosphere of which favors natural motifs and additionally decorated with garlands and flowers from W roślinach – it delighted everyone with its magic. It was obvious to us that this would only be the beginning of our Italian adventure, because two weeks later we packed our car together and set off to the south of Europe.

The Adventure in Venice

Venice is the place of Ola and Pablo’s engagement and the city they love to come back to. It was clear to all of us that this was where we should go to complete their story. It was also a unique opportunity to get away from the pandemic vibe a little bit, because although it was difficult to forget about the prevailing situation, seeing such an empty City of Lovers, we took full advantage of the Italian sun and the possibility of creating beautiful shots. We found a lovely apartment hidden in the narrow streets of Venice where we shot intimate shots while taking a break from walking through the canals and bridges. Our first stop, however, was the slopes of the Dolomites and the famous Tre Cime di Lavaredo, to which we absolutely must return one day! We came back from our trip totally tired, but full of motivation for editing and Ola & Pablo to create their new business in the form of Prosecco Van (which will soon be present at Polish weddings!). We hope you will love their story as much as we love these two!

LocationsSzklana Stodoła, Motycz / Wenecja
PhotographyAgnieszka Małek
DJ/bandi wszystko gra
FloristW roślinach
CakesCukierenka u Walentynki